AGF Recruitment facilitates the development of candidates and businesses. If you want to freely and confidentially brainstorm about what you love doing, we love to hear from you.

In practice, I like to pay the company a visit and ask a lot about the company, its people and its culture. We go through the job description and I thoroughly ask questions about the why and the how. “Is this really what you are looking for, or are there, sometimes simpler, alternatives?”
If I obtained enough information and we agree on the terms, we are getting started within our network, advertise anonymously and interview candidates. If there are really good candidates, I will present them to the company using their resume and a detailed explanation why I believe this candidate is suitable for the role. We are very careful with sending out resumes because we gladly leave the massive ‘CV throwing’ to others. After all, the company’s goal is just that one good candidate.
We love to be present at the first interview with the company, but that is certainly not an obligation. Every entrepreneur has his own approach in the recruiting process and we highly respect that.
During the final stage, we advise on practical matters for both the candidate and the company. Because we have a solid network within AGF, we are also very knowledgeable about the different cultures within companies and this is a great advantage.
If the candidate works a few weeks in his new environment, we like to do a thorough evaluation. Do the expectations match on both sides? Where the shoe pinched and how the first weeks went. We do this with both the employer and the new candidate.

Vacancies at the level of directors, management and CEO are addressed individually and together with the company we discuss an action plan and make proposals.