We do not promise a sheep with five legs but we certainly do not provide tubers for lemons.
Maybe you are looking for that sheep. Such a sheep is extremely rare and it is in most cases designed at work. An employee that fits your culture and develops 100%, quickly becomes a sheep with five legs. No moderation, only effectiveness.

AGF Recruitment aims to get the most out of our candidates and your employees.

Wim Geurts has over 25 years experience in the agricultural sector. From Quality management to International trade and from grower to customer. Meanwhile, he has been active again as a professional recruiter for many years and he has quite a number of successful matches under his name. Both nationally and internationally.
He believes it is important that you do not only look at the competencies of a candidate but also at who he/she is and what drives him/her. He says that, “Most candidates I speak to do not want another type of job, but another work environment” and that is why he wants to feel and taste the culture within your company.

Talent is where your intelligence, your personality and your interests overlap.’ We create a clear profile on the basis of personality tests and interviews with him or her.
That way, we can introduce a candidate that is the missing piece in your company. After placement we find it pleasant to provide follow-up care and, if necessary, to coach him or her so that the connection is established.
AGF Recruitment is generally situated in the middle and high segment. From representative to (commercial) director and policymaker, from judge to TQM manager, from candidates with vocational training to university graduates.

Plenty of energy
Talent Assessment is also important for your employees. We work together with agencies specialized in talent assessments. This could mean that a worker performs better in a different place or needs additional training to improve skills.
It enables your staff to fully flourish and takes away unnecessary pressure on him or her. It also improves productivity and gives your employees plenty of energy to do their job well. You do not even need to be surprised if soon more talents are showing up and you eventually get more “sheep with five legs’!

You can turn to us for:
•    Coaching
•    Career advice
•    Recruitment
•    Outplacement
•    HRM tasks: personality testing, development, evaluation interviews.
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