Looking for the ideal job is what we all do. But a job or assignment is only ideal when it suits you. AGF Recruitment engages in a honest and confidential conversation with you. Skills, education and experience are important. But just as important or perhaps more important are your personality, interests and talents.

Indeed, a person will feel complete only when he or she comes into its own. Therefore it is important to know how you are as a person and what your needs and passions are. But also to find out what ingredients a job should have that fits your profile. If you really are at your place, you can trigger a great development in your career. Usually this also means growth in your personal life!
In an extensive interview, we touch base on personality, work history, education and personal circumstances.

Any job you’re interested in? Ask us for an informal conversation! Even if you do not immediately see a job that suits you. Or if you know that you are not at place at your current employer and want to discover in which ways growth and change are possible. We can advise you for sure and confidentially.

Do not root in the wrong ground!