AGF Recruitment facilitates the development of candidates and businesses. If you would like to brainstorm (freely and confidentially) on what you are passionate about, we would love to hear from you!

I like to visit a company to get a good grasp of its goals, people, and culture. We go through the job description and I ask thorough questions about expectations and desires. “Is this really what you are looking for or are there, sometimes simpler, alternatives?”

Once I have obtained sufficient information and we have agreed on the terms and conditions, we will be getting started by reaching out to our extensive network through advertising anonymously and interviewing candidates. If we find good potential matches, I will introduce them to your company by presenting their resume, along with a detailed explanation of why I believe this specific candidate is suitable for the position. We are very careful with sending you resumes, we do not believe in bombarding companies with CVs of all sorts. We choose quality over quantity. After all, the company’s objective is to simply find that one excellent match.

We love to be present at the first job interview between you and the selected candidate(s), however, this certainly is not an obligation. Every entrepreneur has his own approach to the recruitment process and we highly respect that.

During the final stage, we advise on practical matters for both the candidate and the company. Because we have a solid network within AGF, we have a good grasp of different working environments cultures within companies, which we experience to be a great advantage.

Once the candidate has been working for a few weeks in his or her new environment, we like to thoroughly evaluate the experiences so far. Do the expectations match on both sides? How did the first few weeks go? We like to look at this with both the employer and the new candidate. We do this with both the employer and the new candidate.

Vacancies at the level of directors, management, and CEO are addressed individually and together with the company we put together a plan of action and design proposals.

In for some non-binding/noncommittal brainstorming?