AGF Recruitment does not promise to set you up with a five-legged sheep, but we certainly do not sell you a bill of goods either.

Maybe you are looking for that sheep. Such a sheep is extremely rare and, in most cases designed at work. An employee who fits your culture and has maximum changes to develop, quickly morphs into this illustrious five-legged sheep. Plain effectiveness, without any moderation.

AGF Recruitment aims to get the most out of our candidates and your employees.


Wim Geurts has over 25 years experience in the agricultural sector. From Quality management to International trade and from grower to customer. Currently, he has been working as a professional recruiter for many years. In this capacity, he has been able to add a significant number of successful matches to his record, both nationally and internationally.

He believes it to be of pivotal importance to not only look at the skills and competences of a candidate, but to additionally map out who a candidate really is and what his or her internal drive is.  He says: “Most candidates I speak to do not want another type of job, but are looking for another work environment”. It is for this reason that he first-handedly wants to experience the working culture within your company.

“Talent is where your intelligence, personality, and interests overlap.” Wim creates a clear profile of a candidate, based on personality tests and interviews with him or her.

Through this approach, AGF-Recruitment can introduce you to the missing piece in your company. After placement, we find it important to provide follow-up care and, if necessary, additional coaching so that the connection will be firmly established.

Typically, AGF-Recruitment focusses on the middle and high segment of the market. Ranging from representative to (commercial) director and policymaker, from quality controller to TQM manager, and from candidates with a vocational training to university graduates.

Plenty of energy

At AGF-Recruitment, we believe that Talent Assessment should not solely be restricted to candidates, since it is also of importance for your current employees. We are working together with agencies that specialize in talent assessments. This could entail that a worker would perform better in a different position or that he or she would benefit from additional training aimed at the improvement of current skills.

This enables your staff to flourish and removes unnecessary pressure on individual workers. It will improve productivity and empower your employee to fully engage in excelling at his or her work. : You might stand surprised at what other talents come to the surface through this approach, eventually leading to the gradual birth of the ‘five-legged sheep’ you were looking for!

You can turn to us for:

•    Coaching
•    Career advice
•    Recruitment
•    Outplacement
•    HRM tasks: personality testing, development planning, evaluation interviews.

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